How to find cool swingers clubs

Swingers clubs are places where couples and singles can meet to have ethical non-monogamy sex. They usually charge a fee for entrance and offer a variety of adult activities.

Many people have preconceived notions about swingers clubs, but these can be misleading. As long as you exercise caution and respect the boundaries of others, a swingers club can be a great way to have fun.

1. Look for a local club

People get into the swinger lifestyle in all sorts of ways. Some befriend a couple and things go from there, while others use dedicated swinger websites or apps to find partners. Some even join clubs.

Chemistry is a monthly event in Bushwick where a small, curated group of strangers meets up for cocktails, mingling and flirting. This private club requires screenings for both men and women, and its members are typically experienced in the lifestyle.

Fetlife is a website focused on fetish, and though it’s mainly a Swingers community, it also hosts events that include erotic drawing and kinky erotica. Its user base skews older and tends to be a little more serious than some other swinger sites. But it’s a great place to start if you’re looking for more than just casual sex.

2. Look for a club with a good reputation

If you’re new to swinging, don’t go into a club expecting sex with every couple. Some people just want to hang out with other couples, and others prefer a menage a trois.

If the idea of going out with multiple sex partners makes you nervous, try joining a site that offers a curated group experience. Some of these sites, such as Chemistry, offer monthly parties that feature drinks, mingling and flirting. Others, like Intimate, charge a private-membership fee and require pre-screenings for men.

Swingers clubs are a great place to meet other couples and singles. But it’s important to keep your sexual talk to a minimum, and never use foul language or innuendos. This can make other members uncomfortable and unwelcome in the lifestyle.

3. Look for a club with a good atmosphere

Getting into swinging can be as simple as befriending an experienced couple and things naturally progressing from there, or as complicated as signing up for a dedicated swinger website or using Tinder to find partners. Regardless of how you find your partners, it’s essential to screen potential swingers and follow basic safe sexual practices.

This upscale, members-only club is on the pricey side but offers cocktails, mingling, and dancing. The private club also hosts monthly events ranging from soft swap to hard swap for its Chemistry members.

The sexy vibe at this Amsterdam club is much more relaxed than most. The entrance fee is based on whether you’re a couple or single woman, but it doesn’t include an expensive cover charge. Expect speciality nights with a fetish dress code and the downstairs dungeon to get plenty of use.

4. Look for a club with a good crowd

The best way to find swingers is by going out and meeting people in person. You can also use swingers apps like Tinder to connect with potential partners. Just remember to be respectful when talking to other members, and avoid using foul language or sex innuendos.

Another good option is Chemistry, which hosts monthly events for swingers in Bushwick. These events are primarily for women and feature cocktails, mingling and flirting. Membership is private and requires a background check, but it’s worth it for people looking for a kinky, female-oriented experience.

Another good choice is Kasidie, which is a social network that encourages friendship and camaraderie, in addition to sex. Its members are vetted, and it’s one of the few sites that allows users to specify what they’re looking for.

5. Look for a club with a good vibe

Whether you are new to the lifestyle or an old pro, be friendly and courteous to others. Foul language and sex innuendos should be kept to a minimum. Many clubs have rules against taking pictures or videos without permission, and violating these rules can get you kicked out of the club.

Intimate is a monthly event in Bushwick that brings together experienced and new swingers to enjoy drinks, flirting, and more. It’s a good choice for women who want to go all the way.