⚠ LicenseDB is no longer actively developed. This is an archived (static) version of the site. The full project can be downloaded from Github.

Welcome to LicenseDB!

Welcome to the License Database project (aka LicenseDB). Our goal is to build a structured database of all copyright (and related rights) licenses used in the free software / open source / free culture communities.

Various tools can benefit from a full set of machine-readable licenses, including tools which we haven't thought of yet. Feel free to contact us if you have ideas to make this project useful for a particular use-case.

How to help

The License Database project is a very new project, our first goal is to collect or create RDF/XML files for all the licenses which have an assigned identifier in the SPDX license list and for all the creative commons licenses. These will be made available on https://licensedb.org/ in both RDF/XML and JSON-LD formats.

Obviously the entire database will be made available as well, and in particular the JSON-LD files should give many developers in various programming languages quick and easy access to our metadata.

If you want to help start by cloning the repository at Github. Then come and talk to me, I am "warp" on freenode irc, or e-mail me at [email protected].